Paraguay Real Estate Division


Grupo Onyx established itself as a leader in the real estate industry in Paraguay through the development of Paseo La Galería, the largest real estate complex built in that country, with over 280,000 square meters of construction and an investment of $280 million. The complex houses a shopping center of over 50,000 square meters of GLA (Gross Leasable Area), office space of over 40,000 square meters, a hotel with 50 rooms, an events center for 1,800 people, a gym of 1,600 square meters, and 3,200 ample parking spaces.

During the pandemic, Grupo Onyx began development of Plaza Madero in the city of Luque , and the project was inaugurated in December 2021. It is a complex with over 15,000 square meters of construction, with an investment of $15 million.

Recently, construction was initiated for a new real estate project focused in the area of logistics. A complex with over 20,000 square meters of storage with high standards of construction and functionality.

Edificio Torre Tigo de noche

Products and Services


Paseo La Galería Shopping Center
Paseo La Galeria Hotel & Suites
Paseo Convention Center
Zona Fit Paseo La Galería Gym
Plaza Madero Shopping Center
Zona Fit Plaza Madero Gym
Las Canchas de Madero


Torres del Paseo 1/2/3 Business Center
Paseo La Galería Business Center


KB+ Logistics Center


Grupo Onyx began investing in Paraguay in 2013 and currently develops, constructs, and operates several infrastructure complexes. The Real Estate Management and Development Division in Paraguay will continue to grow with new investments.