Guatemala Real Estate Division


Grupo Onyx’s Real Estate Division strategy has been simple but successful: locate, analyze, and develop properties and real estate projects to create investments with low risk and high yield capital. Investments that allow attractive returns for investors, and above all a sustainable growth of capital investments of the Group in the medium to long term.

The growth of the Real Estate Division has been diversified in two areas. First, a specialization and focus on Commercialization, Administration, and Operation of their own Real Estate projects.  Second, the efficient and effective administration of Lease and Sub-lease contracts of sites for a Telecommunications company

Edificio Torre Tigo de noche

Products and Services

Vista área Plaza Madero


Plaza Madero Carretera

Plaza Madero Atanasio

Plaza Madero Roosevelt

Madero Express Zentroplaza Huehuetenango


Bodegas SRT

Bodegas ALM

KB+ Minibodegas

Zentroplaza Sur Ofibodegas Zentroplaza Zona 10 Ofibodegas

Offices / Other Projects

Plaza Tigo Towers 1 and 2


Zentroplaza Zona 10
Parking at 2ª Avenida Zona 10

Site Acquisitions

Administration of Leases and Sub-leases of over 4,000 sites to place antennas for a telecommunications company


The origins of Onyx Group go back to the year 1967 with the creation of Constructora Maya, the first company of the corporate consortium, which specialized in real estate, territorial development, office building construction, shopping centers, and road construction.

Grupo Onyx has in its DNA development, construction, and real estate management, and while its portfolio has diversified over the years, real estate remains one of the most important investments.