Telecom Division

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The Telecom Division is one of the most robust distribution companies in Guatemala, with a specific emphasis on the western highlands of the country. The division has over 800 collaborators that see to 30,000 sale locations every week, to distribute the company portfolio of goods and services.

Based on technology, logical routes, and a great team of employees, the company exceeds its outlined commercial objectives every month.

Products and Services

  • Manufacture and preparation of Kits.
  • Printing of scratchable rechargeable cards or promotions.
  • Document digitization services.
  • Sale of promotional and marketing items.
  • Prepay distributor.
  • Sale of Smartphones and DTH and WTTx services.
  • Attention to over 30 thousand points of sale per week with over 350 activating collaborators.
  • Outsourcing of over 350 activators in charge of the sale of phone products at specialized locations.
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The Telecom Division was founded due to the necessity for a telecommunications company established in this country, to expand the distribution of its products in the rural areas of Guatemala, particularly in the western highlands. The company has served leading telecommunications company Tigo Guatemala for over 20 years, creating sale routes, logistics, and strategies in the most remote and populated territorial divisions in Guatemala.