Renewable Energy Division

Grupo Onyx, through its Horus Energy brand, has established itself as a leader in Guatemala for the next generation of solar photovoltaic energy. Currently, it has the two largest solar plants in Guatemala, Horus I and Horus II, that combined have a total capacity of 110 MW. These provide the country with over 200 GWh of completely clean and renewable energy.

Products and Services

Large scale clean and renewable photovoltaic solar energy generation.


The Renewable Energy Division was created in 2013, with the objective of becoming a leader in the industry of renewable energy in Guatemala. The innovative spirit of the group, along with the international rise of unconventional renewable energy at the end of 2010, made Grupo Onyx a pioneer for betting on solar photovoltaic technology.

In 2014 and 2015, the company developed and constructed the first “utility scale” photovoltaic plants in Guatemala, Horus I and Horus II, with an investment of over US$160 million. Under the brand Horus Energy, with a current capacity of 110 MW, these plants are currently the largest in Guatemala, generating completely clean and renewable energy.