Cellular Maintenance Division

This division is oriented towards providing the corrective and preventive maintenance services for the most important cellular communications network in Guatemala, with the highest standards and levels of quality and service, and the objective of providing Guatemalans the best quality network.

Products and Services

  • Corrective and preventive services to transmission and base radio equipment.

  • Fuel supply, corrective, and preventive services to energy backup equipment.

  • Corrective and preventive services to weather equipment.

  • Maintenance services for infrastructure.

  • Overhaul and repair services for diesel generators.


During the last 20 years, this Division has provided maintenance service for the most important cellular network in Guatemala. The group has participated in the expansion and technology changes across the network. When the Division initially established, it only focused on maintenance services related to weather and energy equipment for the antennas.

Beginning in 2015, the Cellular Maintenance Division acquired the responsibility to provide maintenance to transmission and radio base equipment, which has allowed the capitalization of certain synergies that have resulted in better service for the customer and most importantly a higher network quality for Guatemalans.