Grupo Onyx presents Ferré, their first project of vertical housing in the city

Guatemala, January 12, 2023 – Grupo Onyx, founded in 1967, is a consortium of Guatemalan companies that is distinguished by its investment in multiple productive sectors, its portfolio includes investments in real estate, commercial and industrial development in Guatemala and abroad, renewable energy generation, specialized telecommunications services, a mass consumption distribution network and digital services.

Grupo Onyx, which for more than 55 years has been involved in the real estate sector, presents Ferré, a new vertical housing complex in zone 10 of the city.

Located at 15 calle 04-50 in zone 10, Ferré is a project that stands out for its green areas in the middle of an urban environment, where residents can enjoy different outdoor activities. The complex will have a main lobby that will connect the two apartment towers and will have 18 floors and 5 basements, as well as exclusive amenities that include a garden with a forest, a swimming pool, a reading area, a business center, a pet park, outdoor children’s games, social rooms, a space for yoga, a gym and a baby gym, among others.

The construction of this complex will begin in 2023 and is expected to be completed in 2025. In total there will be 5,589 square meters, offering 224 apartments, 537 individual parking spaces, and storage rooms in the basement area. Its two towers will be built with a separation between them to optimize the view of the volcanoes and allow natural light access to the apartments and preserve their privacy. Likewise, the outer layer of the finishes, which will vary in depth and arrangement, will create a combination of the façade that, together with the exterior balconies, will define the image of the towers and provide a particular visual identity for each type of apartment. Mario López Pérez, Grupo Onyx’s CEO, says: “For us it means a lot to venture into vertical housing as a new area of the real estate division, and Ferré represents a milestone for the group, since we are committed to the economic development of the country. This project provides, at the same time, development in the area and provides quality of life for its inhabitants, giving a new meaning to life in zone 10, thus making it a haven of tranquility in Guatemala City.”

For Grupo Onyx, the lifestyle based on the values of integrity, prosperity, and harmony is the maximum representation of an idea of luxury based on peace, an idea that is conceptualized in Ferré, which represents a full lifestyle.

The design and architecture of the project will be undertaken by the renowned firm Seis Arquitectos and the structural engineering will be led by Dr. Héctor Monzón, a specialist in structural and seismic engineering. The garden design will be carried out by Pokorny + Valencia, a firm which specializes in landscape architecture and design of green areas.

“Ferré’s philosophy is based on living every moment of life to the fullest and for this reason, each space in the complex has been carefully designed and selected, introducing a sophisticated lifestyle where people can enjoy innovative architecture that promotes living calmly and quietly. Each project that we develop is aligned with our purpose of providing a refuge to enjoy and that brings joy,” said Javier Pérez, commercial director of Grupo Onyx. For more information, visit: and social media:

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