Onyx Group: Pioneers in Technology and Commitment to Excellence

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Onyx Group, through its IT manager, Andrés Lemus, shared at the Community Summit North America 2023 its experience since 2018 in the implementation of Dynamics 365 Finance and Operations.

ince its founding in 1967 by Mario López Estrada, Grupo Onyx has been synonymous with innovation, excellence and social responsibility in Guatemala. As a consortium of Guatemalan companies, our diversity in real estate, renewable energy, cellular maintenance services, mass consumption distribution and digital services reflects our commitment to quality and customer satisfaction. Led by the second generation of the family (Mario López Perez, Mariana López de Lara and Gabriela López Perez), we remain faithful to our corporate values: excellence, efficiency, transparency, integrity and passion to serve.

Onyx Group presented its experience in the use of advanced technology at the Community Summit North America.

Our participation in the Community Summit North Americain October 2023, represented by Andrés Lemus, IT Manager, underlines our leadership in the adoption of advanced technologies such as Dynamics 365 Finance and Operations since 2018. Not only were we one of the first companies in Latin America to implement this solution, but our continued presence at this event reflects our commitment to constant updating and improvement.

By sharing our experiences and lessons learned in the implementation of Dynamics 365, we demonstrate not only our ability to adapt and overcome challenges, but also how these technologies integrate into our broad portfolio of services. From renewable energy to real estate developments and digital technology, our vision focuses on using innovation to power our operations and contribute to sustainable development.

This event was an unparalleled opportunity to learn from experts and other users, reaffirming our position as leaders in digital transformation in Latin America. At Grupo Onyx, we continue forward with our eyes set on the future, preparing ourselves and our clients for the challenges that lie ahead, ensuring that our strategies and solutions are always one step ahead.

The Community Summit North America held in North Carolina is positioned as the largest and most independent meeting in the Microsoft ecosystem, attracting thousands of professionals eager to maximize their investments in Microsoft ERP solutions. This event stands out for its “User to User” approach, offering more than 500 educational sessions, exhibitions of innovative solutions, and networking opportunities, making it an ideal setting for learning and sharing advanced technology knowledge. .

Dynamics 365 Finance and Operations is a catalyst for digital transformation, offering a comprehensive business management solution that helps companies quickly adapt to market changes and make decisions based on real-time data. Its ability to integrate and automate financial, operations, and human resources processes has been fundamental for Grupo Onyx, allowing us to improve efficiency and transparency in all our business divisions.

“In this event I was able to demonstrate the leadership that Grupo Onyx has in digital transformation by being one of the first clients in Latin America to implement Dynamcis 365; this inspired by what Mario Lopez Estrada has instilled in us: Do not be afraid of challenges since They are part of our daily lives.”

Andrés Lemus – IT Manager of Grupo Onyx
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The management of Grupo Onyx, led by Mario López Perez, constitutes the engine that directs us towards innovation.

Innovation is a fundamental pillar at Grupo Onyx, driving us to constantly look for new ways to improve and expand our operations in the various industries in which we participate. From the development of real estate projects to the generation of renewable energy and the provision of advanced digital services, our dedication to innovation allows us to not only adapt to the changing needs of our clients, but also contribute to the sustainable development and well-being of communities. that we serve.

“Along the way we are going to encounter many challenges, many problems, many limitations, but I think it is important that we do not have to be afraid of challenges since challenges are part of our daily lives and we as humans also look for challenges all the time. time and perhaps we must have within ourselves the certainty that we can achieve them.”

Mario López Pérez, Director of Grupo Onyx in his interview for Forbes.

At the heart of our commitment to innovation isMario López Pérez, who, inspired by his father’s legacy, is determined to follow in his footsteps. With a clear vision for the future and a deep respect for the fundamental values of integrity, excellence, and social responsibility that have guided Grupo Onyx since its founding, Mario is dedicated to leading the company towards new horizons of innovation and success, ensuring that Onyx Group continues to be a benchmark for progress and leadership in the region.

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